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How we use your data?

If necessary, the data you introduce in the contact form on our website are collected (your personal details, email address, telephone number ...) to facilitate our subsequent communication. If you do not want to provide your data, you can use our website anonymously.

What types of data are collected?

Your personal and other data are used for:

Individualized communication, specifically designed to meet your critical needs. The optimisation of the quality of our site, regarding the true needs of the websites users. Sending personalized emails with information and benefits regarding new interventions and therapies.

ATTENTION: if you do not wish to be subscribed to our newsletter, you can cancel the email reception at any time by simply following the instructions that are given to you.

The security of your personal data

Following the global security protocols, your personal information is protected by various privacy policies that continually guarantee your privacy, either when you contact us via email or the contact form on our website.

Using web cookies

Web cookies (commonly known as cookies) are identifying files that allow you to authenticate yourself quickly, thus making it easier for you to use our website. If you accept the use of web cookies in the future, we may provide you with customized information about the services that may be of interest to you. It is possible to hire a third party to perform a professional analysis of the data we receive. The third party is legally bound to protect your information and not to divulge it to other parties but to use them exclusively for the previously agreed analyses. You have the ability to adjust the frequency of use of web cookies for each single web page you visit and you execute it within your internet browser (you can also completely block cookies).

Who can use my personal data?

Your personal data will never be subject of trading nor will it be given to third parties for any kind of remuneration for economic exploitation. Non-personal data collected during your anonymous navigation can be handed over to third parties with the aim of improving the advertising promotion of our clinic.

Third-party page linking

In some cases, when we consider it appropriate, we may use third-party links on our website to provide more information to our users. The linked pages follow individual regulations and are not required to follow the same privacy rules that are followed by Kalmar Implant Dentistry. We decline any fault with the content and use of the pages that are not our property. In the event of any kind of problem caused by third-party pages linked to our website, you are welcome to report us the case, as this allows us to protect your security, as well as the safety of our web page.

The Children Online Privacy Protection Act

In accordance with the Children Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) regulations, no personal or any other kind of underage user information is collected.

The privacy while surfing the net

The Privacy Policy document on network privacy protection, concerns only the data that was collected through our page, it does not include information that is being used in other ways.


By using our web site, you agree to the Privacy Policy here described.

Your approval

We invite you to consult the page terms and conditions of our web page.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

If the future legislative action were to change the requirements of the Policy here provided, the relevant variations will be mentioned here.

For all types of questions regarding the Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact us by email, mail or phone (also via the new mobile apps, e.g. Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook ...) at:

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