In today's dentistry, the first visit always begins with a detailed examination of the oral cavity, with the inclusion of the complete medical history, that aid the specialist in defining an optimal care cycle.


To establish a precise diagnosis of the condition of the oral cavity of the patient and of the optimal therapy cycle, at the Kalmar Dental Clinic, we use state-of-the-art technologic and radiologic equipment. In particular, we should mention Veraviewepocs Morita 3D R100, the latest generation multifunctional device in radiology. What distinguishes this device from the rest of the market is its new and unique visual field of the dental arch which is exhibited through Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT), panoramic radiograph and cephalometric imaging. This revolutionary feature allows the specialist to view the entire dental arch, completely avoiding the soft tissues. The irradiation dose is reduced to 10% compared to the standard devices in the field, and thus reduced to the absolute minimum. This is extremely important for our patients as it significantly reduces any health hazard by irradiation.

Let us highlight some of the benefits of using modern radiography through the Morita Veraviewepocs 3D R100 for our patients:

The realization of the most accurate CBCTs, panoramic radiographs and digital cephalometric images of nowadays, all in one place, without any inconvenience and loss of time. Panoramic and cephalometric segmented scans with the ability to individually adjust the layering of the the singular CBCT slice. Easy CBCT image processing with a clever display of volume and sections in real time.

The precise history allows the specialist to gather all available information regarding the overall health status, the condition of the patient's oral cavity, the patient's personal information, and the reason for his or hers arrival at the clinic. Setting a proper diagnosis and a treatment plan is the crucial factor for the successful outcome of any oral cavity therapy.

Digital panoramic radiograph

In our clinic, the revolutionary device and our highly qualified staff provide perfect panoramic radiographs and digital cephalometric imaging. Using the aforementioned described device, the images are carried out in just a few seconds. This contributes to the quality of service for all patients and allows specialists to have a clear picture of the state of health of the oral cavity. The obtained image is further developed with the computer in a way that allows a detailed analysis that significantly contributes to a better and more detailed diagnosis.

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

Let us list some of the benefits of digital CBCT scans for our patients:

Superior resolution of diagnostic scans. Greatly reduced exposure to irradiation. The detailed display of the patient's health condition. Detailed view of the masticatory system and the maxillary sinus. Visualization of the bone tissue, the existing teeth and of the possible diseases in the masticatory system and in the oral cavity. It is a completely painless process with extremely short recording times (10-20 seconds).

This form of digital scanning technology allows the creation of three-dimensional panoramic recordings of the complete jaw and the supporting forms, with a systematic representation of the stratified images and the precise identification of anatomical structures in the jaw, that make the basis on which the specialist draws crucial diagnostic data of the complete anatomical structure of the masticatory system. Using the CBCT, the specialist also has additional digital cephalometric scans, which provide detailed information on the patients general state of health, providing the ideal option for additional therapies. Due to the high precision of the images, CBCT is crucial in our clinic for planning implantology procedures and oral surgeries. The specialists also use it to evaluate the density of bone tissue, which is a key factor in the placement of implants.

The Kalmar dental laboratory

In our clinic we also have our dental laboratory that allows our specialists, dental technicians and patients to communicate directly. Our team of highly qualified dental technicians, daily uses digital CAD/CAM techniques and materials processing techniques, which directly affect the accuracy of first-class dental works with the maximum reduction of their production time.

The CAD/CAM technology

The advantages of using CAD / CAM technology:

The standardized production process. High precision production. The verifiability of the quality and precision - the impossibility of errors. The ability to analyze the features of the dental work. The speed of production - in a single day. Ceramic works of highest quality, aesthetics and functionality.

The CAD/CAM technology allows specialists to create digital impressions, with excellent precision in the implementation of dental replacements (bridges, crowns and ceramic facets), as well as the exceptional design speed.

Digital dental impressions are obtained using a digital camera and then, an available data analysis makes it possible to design a CBCT for the required dental replacement.

After completing the full data analysis and the digital aesthetic and functional preparation (the color, the shape, the size and the bite), the dental specialist chooses the indispensable material, taking into account the crucial characteristics for the production of the dental replacement.

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