Sterilization of disinfection

Even before the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, the safety and health of our patients came first, and we had previously paid the utmost attention to the hygiene and disinfection of our dental surgeries and the sterilization of instruments.

The safety, health and care of our patients is our top priority, as we prove with the international certification of TEMOS - Quality in International dental care as the only dental clinic in Croatia.

Our clinic is built to the highest world standards and has a built-in sterilization system for water and air. All air from the aspirator used when working on patients is sent sterilized through ventilation systems outside the clinic and thus does not come into contact with patients and staff at the clinic. After the treatment of each patient, the offices are completely disinfected and all instruments are sterilized.

For sterilization of instruments we use AUTOCLAV Melag of the highest class that meets the most demanding sterilization criteria as well as the most stringent European Union standards.

We follow all guidelines for sterilization and hygiene in dentistry and regularly maintain sterilization equipment to the highest standards.

Complete protective equipment is changed for each patient.

The reception area is separated by a glass partition, so patients and reception staff do not come in direct contact.

In order to raise prevention measures to an even higher level and to make our patients feel safe, and in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, the Croatian Chamber of Dental Medicine and the Croatian Institute of Public Health, we have introduced additional measures and safety protocols in our daily work:

  • Before the patient enters the clinic, the temperature is measured by contactless thermometer and the epidemiological form is filled.
  • Each patient is provided with a disposable mask before entering the clinic, which he / she must wear during the entire stay in the clinic, except of course during treatment.
  • Disinfection of hands is mandatory before entering the clinic. Also a disinfectant is available to patients throughout their stay at the clinic.
  • The waiting time for the agreed appointment is minimized
  • Between the ordered patients the space is additionally cleaned and disinfected, and only the movement of patients around the clinic space is minimized.
  • Large waiting room and spacious clinic allow observance of social distance rules, ie avoiding close contact at least 2 meters apart.
  • A bactericidal and virucidal footwear barrier is provided at the entrance to the clinic space.
  • Our medical staff use all the necessary protective equipment in their work: FFP3 / N95 disposable gloves, transparent goggles or visors, surgical cap and disposable coat.

We will do everything in our power to make you feel safe in our clinic, as always, but we also need your cooperation, so please kindly:

  • to arrive at the agreed dates at exactly the agreed time
  • Adults are requested to come unaccompanied unless necessary
  • We recommend the arrival of a minor accompanied by one parent

Please have an understanding of the new situation, act responsibly, think of one another, and look after our health and the health of the people around us.

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I am extremely satisfied with your approach and work. I am very happy with all the procedure you have performed and I am sure that I will recommend you further.

Barbara, Padova

Already after ten days of using the dental bit splint, I did not feel any more pain in my neck and my shoulders. All this surprised me, since I have long suffered from these disorders and continued to take prescription medications to pass the pain. Now I’m happy to continue using it.

M.g. Schio (Italija)

I've been in your clinic and I came across a very friendly and professional personnel. Thanks to you I am able to smile with happiness again, after more than 10 years!

Giovanna, Trieste

You helped me get over my old fears, and that's why I have to give out a special thanks to all the doctors and other personnel. The relationship between the quality and price, as well as the general impression, are excellent and beyond all of my expectations...

Michele, Torino

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