The semi-fixed prosthesis on implants for the whole dental arch

If you suffer from toothlessness (edentulism) but your bone tissue deficiency does not allow you to have a fixed dental prosthetic device, our specialists have a variety of semi-fixed prosthetic solutions that can offer you, in order to restore your teeth.

The semi-fixed prosthesis on implants for the whole dental arch

The use of prosthetic semi-fixed solutions on 4 implants, can provide the necessary stability for chewing and natural phonetics, often impossible with the classic variations of mobile prostheses.

We will name only a few benefits for those who choose the semi-fixed prostheses:

In the case of the use of fixed prostheses where the bone tissue and the gums (gingivae) were lost, teeth often appear elongated. This aesthetic problem is easily resolved with the semi-fixed prostheses. The prosthetic device is built in a modern composite, which makes its construction more solid with extremely realistic and natural aesthetics. It is possible to preserve the jaw bone tissue. Patients tolerate very well and adapt easily to the new prosthesis. Oral hygiene is very simple (being removable). It is a very economical solution.

After completing the panoramic radiograph and the insertion of the implants, the specialist has more options. He can continue to anchor the bindings (ball, or locator), the complete bar or the bar segments, to better connect the implants (bar pillars) and give even more stability to the prosthetic structure. In some cases it is possible to insert 2 implants in the jaw (instead of 4), or even build mandibular overdentures (further supporting structure) where the quality or the volume of bone tissue is not suitable.

After the construction of support, the specialist continues to build and assemble a temporary semi-fixed prosthesis, all within a single working day. From three to six months after initial procedure (depending on which arch was treated), when the bone tissue has completely united (osseointegrated) with the implants, you receive the final prosthetic device, aesthetically and functionally, far superior to the temporary one, which will give you the confidence to smile again.

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Already after ten days of using the dental bit splint, I did not feel any more pain in my neck and my shoulders. All this surprised me, since I have long suffered from these disorders and continued to take prescription medications to pass the pain. Now I’m happy to continue using it.

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You helped me get over my old fears, and that's why I have to give out a special thanks to all the doctors and other personnel. The relationship between the quality and price, as well as the general impression, are excellent and beyond all of my expectations...

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