Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening is an aesthetic dental treatment that is becoming more and more in demand by our patients in recent times and is able to eliminate various types of dentures, thus restoring a captivating smile.

Tooth whitening

We present some of the benefits of this type of treatment:

It is a fast and safe treatment (it does not damage your teeth). It is completely painless and restores a perfect aesthetic to your teeth. It is practiced by our dentists specialists, exclusively in the studio.

Both the outside (the enamel) and the inside of the tooth (dentin) may be subjected to changes in pigmentation. Particular foods and even beverages, smoking cigarettes or even the use of certain drugs can affect the original translucency of the tooth by making it less bright.

Our specialists practice professional dental whitening using a gel containing hydrogen peroxide that is superimposed on the dental surface without damaging it. The treatment is done on both endodontic (devitalized) teeth as well as on healthy (vital) teeth. Once the gel is applied, a laser (LASER SMILE - Biolase), that activates the gel reaction and begins to whiten the colour of the teeth, is also used. The end result of this dental aesthetic correction will depend on both the concentrate of the active ingredient of the gel and the type of decolourization that the teeth are afflicted. The duration of treatment is usually about 1 hour. If the dentin is discoloured, our specialists are able to restore various shades of the original colour of the tooth acting from the pulp chamber of the tooth, that is carefully cleaned using the active ingredient of the gel (peroxide) which, in turn, whitens the inside of the tooth and thus giving a new dimension to the aesthetic of the smile.

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I am extremely satisfied with your approach and work. I am very happy with all the procedure you have performed and I am sure that I will recommend you further.

Barbara, Padova

Already after ten days of using the dental bit splint, I did not feel any more pain in my neck and my shoulders. All this surprised me, since I have long suffered from these disorders and continued to take prescription medications to pass the pain. Now I’m happy to continue using it.

M.g. Schio (Italija)

I've been in your clinic and I came across a very friendly and professional personnel. Thanks to you I am able to smile with happiness again, after more than 10 years!

Giovanna, Trieste

You helped me get over my old fears, and that's why I have to give out a special thanks to all the doctors and other personnel. The relationship between the quality and price, as well as the general impression, are excellent and beyond all of my expectations...

Michele, Torino

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