Team Kalmar

Let us introduce the team of the Kalmar Dentistry Clinic!

Without any hesitation, we can say that we are proud of our tradition and expertise that has continued to flourish for over 60 years, from the 1950’s! We are located in Rijeka (Rijeka, Croatia), about one and half hour drive from our capital city Zagreb, in the brand new, fully furnished clinic with state-of-the-art equipment and devices.

With 11 dental laboratories, including 2 operating rooms, the dental laboratory where our technicians operate with state-of-the-art CAD / CAM equipment, the radiology studio (X-ray) and the central sterilization center, the Kalmar dental Clinic offers the best solutions for all dental work.

Our dentists are specialized in all branches of dental care, practicing and following all the latest developments in science and medicine.

The professionalism of our staff with a knowledge of fluent English (among other languages), in combination with the latest materials, techniques and technologies, guarantee that all the health and beauty needs of our patients will be fully met.

Regardless of whether the patients need dental implants, oral surgery, dental prostheses, orthodontic and periodontal procedures, or need dental treatments for their children, along with digital diagnosis, we can do everything for them here in our clinic, in the shortest possible time.

Every treatment performed at the Kalmar Dental Clinic is done under local anaesthesia, and therefore completely painless. In addition, all the procedures are carried out with international certificate standards and the materials of the highest quality, provided by renowned manufacturers. By applying international dental standards, our patients are automatically covered by the warranties. In addition, a post-operative procedure booklet, the frequently asked questions and all warranties with the respective rules will be provided to you in the clinic.

With a completely individual and highly personal approach, our specialists are able to monitor the oral health of their patients even several years after, as well as preventing illnesses of the oral cavity.

All this, at a reasonable price, with a competent staff and a tradition of over 60 years ... what are you waiting for to make a first-time appointment and meet the specialists at the Kalmar Dental Studio?

We are the fervent dentists that will make you regain a sparkling and natural smile!

Daniel Kalmar

DMD Daniel Kalmar

DMD Daniel Kalmar, holds the title of Doctor of Dental Medicine, graduating from the Faculty of Medicine in Rijeka. He is a renowned specialist in dental implantology and dental prosthetics, and he is the owner of the dental clinic Kalmar Implant Dentistry. The successor of the third generation of dentists of the Kalmar family, he gained his experience working with his father, one of the leading Croatian experts in various fields of dentistry.

Over the years he has attended numerous professional training courses for dental implantology and prosthetics at world renowned dental centers. Up to now, he has successfully performed over 10,000 dental implants. He is an active associate of national and international dental associations and he is attending numerous international conferences, among which we would like to note the most important ones:

Camlog certificate – Up-to-date Implantology in the General dental Care, International Conference of the Croatian Implant Association.

CORTEX IDIC – International Dental Implantology Conference, The maxillary sinus lift and the conservation of alveolar bone tissue in theory and practice.

He has participated in conferences on modern assisted dental prosthetics combining modern dental placement techniques,with traditional techniques and computer-assisted techniques, among the first in Croatia.

He is fluent in English and Italian.

Šandor Kalmar

DMD Šandor Kalmar

He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Szegedin, Hungary, where he obtained the title of Dental Medicine Doctor. From 1980 to 1984 he worked in Koper in Slovenia. He started a successful private practice in 1984, with a dental study in Dramalj and then in Rijeka, Croatia. He handed over his experiences and skills to his family descendants and built a private family dental practice, as well as two clinics with many dental studios.

The dr. Šandor Kalmar is an irreplaceable member of the Kalmar Implant Dentistry Clinic with over 35 years of practice in implantology and dental prosthetics. He was the first implantologist in the Republic of Croatia who specialized in implant-prosthetic restoration (in Budapest, Hungary).

In addition to the Croatian, he is fluent in Hungarian and Italian.

Vedrana Medvešček

DMD Vedrana Medvešček

Immediately after graduating from the Faculty of Medicine of Rijeka and receiving a degree in Dental Medicine, in 2016 she became an integral part of the team of doctors in the Kalmar Implant Dentistry Clinic. DMD Medvešček continuously expands her skills through professional training courses in the most advanced scientific, technical and technological findings of dental medicine in Croatia and abroad, with the emphasis on conservative aesthetic dentistry, endodontics, prosthetics and implantology.

She is fluent in English, Italian and German.

Majda Dželalagić Adžajlić

DMD Majda Dželalagić Adžajlić

DMD Majda Dželalagić Adžajlić finished the Faculty of Medicine of Rijeka in 2008, graduating in dental medicine. In 2015, with a previous vast knowledge, experience and practice, she joins the group of specialists at the Kalmar Implant Dentistry Dental Center.

She has been continually updating her professional development by regularly attending dental medicine courses and conferences in Croatia and abroad, with special interest in conservative aesthetic dentistry, endodontics, dental prosthetics and implant-prosthetic rehabilitation. She speaks fluent English and Italian.

We will note here only some of the national and international courses and conferences that she attended:

Competence in Esthetics, Vienna Austria

Artex Model Management 1

New Trends in Modern and Restorative Dentistry, Schaan/Liechtenstein

La limatura nel trattamento protesico fisso (Milling in Fixed Prosthetic Treatment), Italy.

Tijana Mizdarić

DMD Tijana Mizdarić

DMD Tijana Mizdarić received the title of Dental Medicine Doctor in 2004, graduating from the Faculty of Medicine in Rijeka. She is a specialist with more than ten years of expertise, practice and experience as a freelance professional, and continues her development by taking part in conferences, professional training and training courses. In 2012, she joined the team of specialists at the Kalmar Dental Clinic.

She speaks perfect English and Italian.

We list here only some of the courses and congresses that she has participated in recent years:

Aesthetic Dental Moment – 9th International Congress Quintessence

Odontoiatria del giorno d’oggi (Today's dentistry), Italy

Periodontal days in Croatia

Competence in aesthetics

Ines Radman Jeremić

Dr.Ines Radman Jeremić

Dr. Ines Radman Jeremić received her title Doctor Dental Medicine from 2009 at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Rijeka. Preparatory training was done at Hospital (KBC) Rijeka and at the private dental clinic, where she continued to work for 8 years.

She has become the member of Kalmar Team at 2018. Having a broad filed of interest for all areas of dental medicine Dr Ines Radman Jeremić regularly attends vocational training courses in Croatia and abroad. She speaks fluently Italian and English language.

The shortened list of seminars and courses attended:

-Days of Restorative Dental Medicine and Endodontics, Zagreb, Croatia

-Perioimplant, Opatija, Croatia

-ESCD study club Croatia - there are solutions for every situation, Opatija, Croatia

-13th Annual Meeting ESCD, Krakow, Poland

-Prosthetic Solutions on Teeth and Implants, Zagreb, Croatia

-iTOP education, Opatija, Croatia

-New trends in modern esthetic and restorative dentistry, Liechtenstein

-Endodontics from theory to practice with Dr. Kopovan, Rijeka, Croatia

Jelena Velimirović

Dr. Jelena Velimirović

Dr. Jelena Velimirović completed her studies in Dental Medicine in 2010 at the Faculty of Medicine in Rijeka. In eight years of working experience she gained numerous professional and practical knowledge in the field of restorative dentistry, endodontics, prosthetics and implantopathology.

She is a member of the Croatian Chamber of Dental Medicine and has participated in numerous courses in Croatia and abroad.

She places a special focus on attentive approach and establishing a good relationship with patients.

She speaks Italian and English fluently.

Alida Štokovac

Business Director, Alida Štokovac

A graduate in business economics, she perfected her skills in organizing work processes, as well as staff efficiency, through years of practice. She became a member of the Kalmar Dental Clinic in 2013, where she daily devotes herself to business management and staff organization. She is continually refining her professional skills through education training courses.

She speaks English and Italian perfectly.

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From 1950

Nowadays the third generation of the Kalmar family (dentist Croatia) is represented by a highly experienced and professional team, with many years of activity in the various fields of dental medicine. An experienced and prepared staff will welcome you and will cure you in an optimal, effective and painless way!

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I've been in your clinic and I came across a very friendly and professional personnel. Thanks to you I am able to smile with happiness again, after more than 10 years!

Giovanna, Trieste

You helped me get over my old fears, and that's why I have to give out a special thanks to all the doctors and other personnel. The relationship between the quality and price, as well as the general impression, are excellent and beyond all of my expectations...

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